1. Name

The name of the Society is the Comox Valley Concert Band Society.

2. Purpose

The purposes of the Society are:

a) To provide an opportunity for qualified amateur band musicians in the Comox Valley to play in a band and improve their musical skills;

b) To establish and maintain bands, band groups and clinics, and to promote and encourage the interest in and appreciation of band music;

c) To encourage amongst its members the enjoyment of music and to provide a musical education to its members;

d) To provide adequate facilities and resources for the members to become proficient in the performance of a wide range of music;

e) To make available to its members the opportunity to perform in public and to present public concerts;

f) To encourage people of all ages and gender to enjoy performing music together and to help them to grow musically;

g) To provide a concert band and stage band and in this way contribute to the betterment of the community;

h) To provide further opportunity for the students of School District #71 to further their musical experience.

3. Membership

(i) Except as herein otherwise provided, any person who is willing to subscribe to the Constitution and By-laws of this Society shall be eligible for membership;

(ii) No person otherwise eligible for membership shall be admitted who has been fined, suspended or expelled by the Society until they have complied with the terms of such fines, suspensions or expulsions;

(iii) Auditions may be required for playing members.

4. Application

(i) Membership in the Society shall be maintained by payment of dues assessed and imposed by the Society;

(ii) The review of membership shall be done by the Board of Directors;

(iii)The Society has the right to deny membership to any applicant for good and valid reasons;

(iv) An applicant shall have the right of appeal to the general membership and shall have the right to present that appeal.

5. Grievances

There shall be a grievance procedure in the by-laws of the Society for the resolution of differences that may arise within the Society.

6. Membership Dues

Each member shall pay membership dues as assessed by the Society.

7. Governing Authority

(i) The affairs of the society shall be governed by its membership at general meetings. The general meeting shall be the highest authority of the Society.

(ii) The Board of Directors shall govern between general meetings and shall report all their activities, conducted on behalf of the Society, to the general meeting.

(iii) There shall be an annual general meeting for election of Officers.

(iv) There shall be general meetings to handle reports and Society business.

(v) The Directors will be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Librarian and Two to Four Trustees.


These By-laws are prepared for the successful accomplishment of the Society, for the instruction, information and guidance of its members, and for the due regulation of the Societies business.

1. Membership

The members of the Society are subscribers of the Constitution and By-laws, and, subject to approval as herein provided, include every person who becomes a whether a playing member or a non-playing member, honorary member or any other class of member by whatever name called. All applications for membership shall be submitted to the Board of Directors and, upon approval by Board, the applicant shall become a member. Playing members may be selected by audition in accordance with the direction of the Board of Directors.

2. Standing

A member shall be in good standing when he has paid his current membership fees. Upon the failure of any member to pay such membership fees, the Directors may cause the name of such member to be removed from the Register of Members, but such member may be re-admitted to membership by the Directors thereafter upon such terms and conditions as they shall impose.

3. Fees

The membership fees shall be determined from time to time by a general meeting of the Society.

4. Resignation

Any member who desires to withdraw from membership in the Society may notify the Board of Directors in writing to that effect and on receipt of such notice by the Board of Directors the member shall cease to be a member. In case of resignation, a member shall remain liable for payment of any membership fees which became payable by him prior to his resignation. He shall also be required to return to the Society all band property (uniform, music, instruments, etc…) in his possession.

5. Expulsion

The Directors shall have the power by a vote of three-fourths (¾) of those present, to expel or suspend any member whose conduct shall have been determined by the Directors to be improper, unbecoming or likely to endanger the interest or reputation of the Society or to be a wilful breach of the Constitution or the By-laws of the Society. No member shall be expelled or suspended without first being notified of the charge or complaint against him and without first being given an opportunity to be heard by the Directors at a meeting called for that purpose; provided that any aggrieved member shall have the right of appeal to a general meeting of the membership especially called for that purpose, the decision of which shall then become final and binding.

6. Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the month of November in each year, at a place within the province of British Columbia and on a day chosen by the Board of Directors, and fourteen (14) days notice of such shall be given by the Secretary or such other person as the Board of Directors may appoint. Other meetings of the members, whether general or special, may be convened by order of the Directors for any time and at any place in British Columbia. Fourteen (14) days notice of such meetings and the general nature of the business to be transacted shall be given to all members.

7. Quorum

A quorum for the transaction of business at any general meeting of members shall consist of not less than twelve (12) members present in person.

8. Adjournment

Any meeting of the Society or of the Directors may be adjourned to any time and from time to time, and no notice shall be required of such adjournment.

9. Voting

Every member in good standing personally present shall be entitled to one vote. At a meeting, every question shall be decided by a majority of the votes of the members present. In the case of a tie vote, the chairman shall be entitled to one vote.

10. Directors

The affairs of the Society shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of a minimum of six (6) members elected by the general membership at the annual election of Directors. At the first Directors’ meeting following the annual election, the elected Directors will choose the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Librarian from the Board members. The Duties of these officers will be as follows:

(a) The President shall preside at all meetings of the Society and of the Directors.

(b) The President is the chief executive officer of the Society and shall supervise the other officers in the execution of their duties.

(c) The Vice-President shall carry out the duties of the President during his absence.

(d) The Secretary shall

(1) conduct the correspondence of the Society;

(2) issue notices of meetings of the Society and the Directors;

(3) keep minutes of all meetings of the Society and the Directors;

(4) have custody of all records and documents of the Society except those required to be kept by the Treasurer;

(5) have custody of the common seal of the Society; and

(6) maintain the register of members. In the absence of the Secretary from a meeting, the Directors shall appoint another person to act as Secretary at the meeting.

(e) The Treasurer shall

(1) keep the financial records, including books of account, necessary to comply the Society Act;

(2) render financial statements to the Directors, members and others when required.

(f) The Librarian shall

(1) keep a usable file system for music;

(2) issue and collect music as required; and

(3) keep an up-to-date inventory of music.

11. Election of Directors

Each Director shall be elected by the members of the Society in an annual election, to hold office until his successor shall have been elected and qualified or until he retires or is removed. Each member of the Board of Directors shall be a member of the Society in good standing throughout his or her term of office. The whole Board of Directors shall be retired at each annual general meeting of the Society, but any member of the retiring Board, if qualified, may be re-elected for a further term. Nominations for the election of Directors shall be made by a nominating committee struck from the membership for that purpose, of any other member in good standing, which nomination shall require at least two members not serving on the nominating committee, themselves in good standing. The election shall be by secret ballot of all members if there are more nominations than those made by the nomination committee. Nominations by the committee shall be announced at the annual general meeting and further nominations shall then be invited. If additional nominations make a secret ballot necessary, two returning officers shall be appointed at the annual general meeting and selected from the members who are not nominees. The returning officers will arrange the issue of ballots and completion within thirty (30) days after the annual general meeting. They will then notify the newly elected directors of the results of the election. The new Board of Directors will can an executive meeting at the first opportunity for the handing over of records and duties by the recently retired Directors, and for the choice of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

12. Resignation of a Director or Officer

A Director or Officer who wished to resign for the Board of Directors may notify the Board in writing to that effect. Such resignation will be accepted by vote of Directors at the next executive meeting following the receipt of such written notification.

13. Removal of Directors or Officers

The members of the Society may, by resolution passed by at least two-thirds (2/3) of the votes cast at a general meeting to which notice specifying the intention to consider such a resolution has been given, remove any Director or Officer before the expiration of his term of office, and may, by a majority of the votes cast at that general meeting, elect any member in good standing in his stead for the remainder of his term.

14. Power of Boards of Directors

The Board of Directors shall have and exercise all the powers of the Society as fully and completely as the Society could in general meeting, subject always, to the provision the “Society Act”.

15 Vacancies on Board of Directors

Vacancies on the Board of Directors, however caused, may, so long as at least four (4) Directors remain in office, be filled by the Directors from among the qualified members of the Society if they shall see fit to do so. Otherwise, such vacancies shall be filled at the next annual election of Directors for the ensuing year; but if less than four (4) Directors remain in office, they shall forthwith call a meeting of the members to fill the vacancies.

16. Directors Quorum & Meetings

For the purpose of transacting the business of the Society, a quorum of Directors shall consist of fifty per cent (50%) plus one (1) of the Directors serving on the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may hold its meetings at such place or places within the Province of British Columbia as it may from time to time determine. No formal notice of any such meetings shall be necessary if all the Directors are present or if those absent have signified their consent that the meeting be held in their absence. Directors’ meetings may normally be called by the President or Vice-President or by the Secretary under the direction of any two of them or the direction, in writing, of any other two Directors. Notice of such meetings shall be delivered to each Director not less than one day before the meeting is to take place. The statement of the Secretary or President that notice has been given pursuant to this by-law shall be sufficient and conclusive evidence of the giving of such notice. The Board may appoint a day or days in any month or months for regular meetings at an hour to be named, and of such regular meeting no notice need be sent. A Directors’ meeting may also be held without notice immediately following the annual general meeting of the Society. The Directors may consider or transact business, either special or general, at any meeting of the Board.

17. Directors’ Resolution

A resolution in writing signed by all the Directors personally shall be valid and effectual as if it had been passed at a meeting of the Directors duly called and constituted.

18. Raising Money

For the purpose of carrying out the objects of the Society the Directors may borrow or raise or secure the payment of money in such manner as they think fit. Debentures shall not be issued without the sanction of a special resolution.

19. Seal

The Board of Directors shall adopt a seal which shall be the common seal of the Society. The common seal of the Society shall be under the control of the Directors and the responsibility for its custody and use from time to time shall determined by the Directors.

20. Amendments to By-laws

The By-laws of the Society shall not be altered or added to except by a “special resolution” of the Society. For all purposes of the Society, a ‘special resolution’ shall mean a resolution passed by a majority of such members entitled to vote as are present in person at a general meeting of which notice specifying the intention to propose a resolution as a “special resolution’ has been duly given, such majority being seventy-five per cent (75%).

21. Books and Records

The Directors shall see that all necessary books and records of the Society required by the By-laws of the Society or by any applicable statute or law are regularly and properly kept.

22. Books and Records

The Secretary and Treasurer or some other office specially charged by the Board of Directors with that duty shall maintain and have charge of the minute book of the Society and shall record or cause to be recorded therein minutes of proceedings of all meetings of members and Directors. The Secretary and Treasurer or some other officer specially charge by the Board of Directors with the duty shall keep or cause to be kept a book or books wherein shall be kept properly recorded:

(a) a copy of the Constitution of the Society and any special resolution altering or adding to the same and a copy of the By-laws of the Society and any resolution altering or adding thereto;

(b) copies or originals of all documents, registers and resolutions required by law;

(c) all sums of money received and expended by the Society and matters in respect of which the expense and receipt takes place;

(d) all revenues and purchases by the Society;

(e) assets and liabilities of the Society;

(f) all other transactions affecting the financial position of the Society.

23. Access to Books and Records

The books and records of the Society as well as the books of account and the accounting records shall be kept at such a place as the Directors think fit, and shall always be open to inspection by members upon request at any reasonable time.

24. Society’s Funds

The funds of the Society shall be deposited into an account established for that purpose at a branch of a Canadian Financial Institution. Withdrawal of funds to meet approved expenses of the Society shall be by cheque drawn upon such account, and such cheques shall be signed by at least two members of the Board of Directors appointed by the Board of Directors for that purpose.

25. Notice of Meetings

Whenever notice is required to be given under the provision of the By-laws of the Society, such may be given by prepaid post addressed to the person at his last known residence as recorded on the books of the Society. No error or omission in giving notice of any meeting will invalidate or make void any proceedings taken thereat.

26. Rules of Order

Meetings of the members and of the Board of Directors shall be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.

27. Musical Director – A Musical Director shall be appointed to his or her position by the Board of Directors at the pleasure of the Directors. The Musical Director may, at the pleasure of the Directors, be invited to attend any or all meetings of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for all matters pertaining to his or her employment and release.

28. Amateur Status

Save for the Musical Director, who may not be a member of the Society, non member of the Society shall be paid any remuneration whatever.

29. Interpretation

In these By-laws, unless the context otherwise requires, words importing the singular member of masculine gender shall include the plural member or the feminine gender as the case may be and corporations.